A consignment option is available if you have high end items that you would like to rent out. They must be sent to me for inspection; I will take photos, upload your garments to the website, and manage the hiring process. The following rules and fees apply for Consignment:

● All garments sent to The Sari Collective must be in pristine condition. Items that are damaged, ripped, torn, or missing adornments are unsuitable.
● Garments must be dry cleaned - if garments arrive without being drycleaned, and are accepted for hire, the dry cleaning bill will be passed to you
● A fee of $100 per ‘lot’ of items you send in will be charged to cover administration
● You will receive 50% of each item’s hiring costs, paid to you on the 28th of each month
● You will be reimbursed for any damage done to your items during hire
● Items that are not fit for The Sari Collective, or that have come to the end of their hire life, shall be returned to you. You will be required to pay for return postage before items are sent back to you.